Vol 27, No 46 (2019)


Table of Contents


The possibility of using derivative contracts (options contracts) and pricing models in the Iraqi banking sector to hedge the risks of stocks
Mohammed Mahmood Jasim
The impact of Total Quality Management strategy in Reducing Counterproductive Work Behavior: A Exploratory Study of the Views of a Sample of Employees in One of the Directorate of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior
Bashar Abbas Alhimyari, Ali Hamed Abedaladief
The role of marketing mix in increased the market share Applied study in health sector in the city of babylon
Dr. Al Genaibi Thamir Hadi
The Role of Entrepreneurial Characteristics in the Development of Environmental Awareness among Students of the Environmental Management Department
Thanaa Abdulkareem Abdulraheem, Dr. Huda Abdul Redha Ali, Qaies Majeed Alwash
Challenges impacting oil and gas industry development in the Democratic Republic of Congo
The Effect of Environmental Factors on the thermal comfort of Tongkonan, Toraja Traditonal House, Indonesia
Adrianus Bannepadang, June-ichiro Giorgos Tsutsumi, Mohammad Asaduzzaman, Ryo Nakamatsu, Laila Akter Siddiquea, Pascarianto Putra Bura
Requirements for Applying the Target Cost of Manufacturing the Product during the Design Phase And its Role in Making Pricing Decisions
Mayida Hasan Madhi Mnaa AL -Graiti, Nahlah ubaiss talal ALjadawi, Gnan abed kachi
Trategic analysis of the external auditing profession environment within a framework of modern technological environment elements (An applied study in the Iraqi external auditing offices)
Alaa Awad Kadhim Al_Bdairi, Rana Abdul Almeer Mohammed, Shaymaa Abdulhusein Abdulkadhim Alisawi
Generalized Conharmonic Curvature Tensor of _Grey manifold
Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali A.Shihab, Abdulhadi Ahmed Abd
Expectations gap between users of financial reports and auditors and the possibility of addressing them in Iraq
Ali Abbas Kareem, Abbas Saad Hamada Alkhuzaie, Donya Jasim Sahib
Harmonize the pillars of corporate governance to achieve sustainability through earning quality In Iraqi banks Listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange
Fayhaa Yaqoob, Iman Mohammed, Wafaa Hassan
Effect of short and long delay times on closed loop system of quantum dot semiconductor lasers
Basim Abdullattif Ghali, Rajaa Hussein Abd Ali, Amin H. Al-Khursan
Otherness as a Post Colonialist Approach in Updike's Terrorist
Safaa Hussein Sagheer
A proposal to use accounting for derivative tools in government units A study of the Iraqi budget for the period 2004-2018
Mohammed Mahmood Jasim
The relationship between technological change and the future vision of senior management and its reflection on the professional development of human resources an analytical study at the General Company for the auto industry in Iraq
Naïf Ali Assi Alshammari, Bashar Abbas Alhimyari
The role of modern corporate policies in developing the performance of human resources and their impact in preparing advanced cadres that keep pace with global innovation )An applied study in a sample of Iraqi commercial banks)
Aqeel Kassim Hashim Alkhallid
Evaluate the quality and sensitivity of banks' real and derivative assets to banking risks in accordance with the CAMLES standards
Mohammed Mahmood Jasim
Legal Responsibility of Bank towards the Sponsor in Bank Credit Agreements
Gaffar Aqeel
Some of Salman Al-Muhammadi's Narratives in Love of the Prophet's Family
Kadhim Shamikh Mouhsin
Study and Analysis of Gymnastics Curricula for Young Age Groups and their Impact on Society
Shahlaa Abdulhadi Lhimass, Hasan Jaber Ajel
Study and analysis of control motors directed towards constant flow by estimating applications the asynchronous machine by the Park transformation to the general model of the machine
Adel M. Dakhil
Microfinance Bank Lending Rate and Repayment Capability of Borrowers in Some Selected Microfinance Banks in Oyo State, Nigeria
C.A. Adu, I.S. Owualah, A.A. Babajide
Andi Suarda, Tanri Giling Rasyid
Dr. Courage Mlambo

Computer and Information Science

Adaptive Affine Algorithm into Hash Function
Alaa Abd Al muhsen Hussain, Rafid Nabil Jaffar, Ali Saeed Dyem