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The purpose of the research – comparison of production processes carried out by agricultural units in order to carry out regional balancing activities and the activities of the processing industry, which is considered as their next stage and an important step in meeting demand, investigate the role of cross-sectoral balancing activities in ensuring food security in the region, and demonstrate the importance of relevant processes, providing information on the structure of agrarian production in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 2015-2020, in general, information on sown areas of crop products, total production and their average productivity, fruits and berries, food melons, provision of general information on the implementation of primary calculation and evaluation work on them, the livestock sector and livestock products. Processing industry and its impact on the production of agricultural products, determination of the impact of volume and composition of agrarian food products on the state of the processing industry in absolute and relative terms on the example of Nakhchivan region.

Research methodology – use of observation, grouping and summarizing, indexing, comparative analysis methods.

Research results – assessment of the region's impact on the processing industry based on comparative analysis of the country's crop and livestock production, comparison of relevant information at different time parameters and development of effective combinations based on risk research in this area, disclosure of relevant proposals and recommendations.

Practical significance of the research - clarification of the situation of the Autonomous Republic in terms of time expressions in the areas covered by the years of independence, related to crop and livestock production, as well as the impact of their development on the evolution of the processing industry, identification of impact factors.

Originality and scientific innovation of the research – demonstration of the level of meeting of the needs of the population and production entities on the basis of experimental data of commodities produced in crop and livestock production, assess the ability of the processing industry to meet the part that consumers will pay for, implementation of systematization in accordance with real conditions and identification of perspective requirements of the economic system in this area, implementation of relevant research stages in a comprehensive manner.


Republic of Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan region, agrarian productions of the region, processing industry, balancing activity.

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