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Political and Historical Features of the Formation of the Elite in Azerbaijan

Shahin Bagirov


For nearly two centuries Azerbaijan has been under the Russian Empire. Therefore, the problem of the  formation of the  national  elite  coincides  with  a very  controversial  and  complex  period. The  article  touches  on the formation of the  national  elite  of Azerbaijan  and  its  historical  and  political  aspects, both in the  Soviet  and  post-Tsarist  Russia. The article also investigates the problem of elite formation in Azerbaijan during its independence. This is due to the fact that economic revival, the use of new technologies, tension between social strata in society, and the need to improve education, health, and social welfare systems require the development of the political aspect of the elite. From this viewpoint, for the study of socio-economic, socio-political, legal and moral changes in modern society and scientific prediction of the sustainable development of civilizations as a whole, the investigation of the historical and national-traditional features of the elite problem is of particular relevance. The purpose of the article derives from the relevance and nature of the research topic. In other words, in a globalizing world, examining the issue of elites in Azerbaijan is to determine its political aspects. As a result, the principle of a concrete-historical approach to the analysis of the current situation of the elite and political realities has been put forward. This is very important in order to examine the problem of the formation of elites in the process of building a democratic society in Azerbaijan, to reveal the effectiveness of the role and activities of the elite in socio-political processes.


elitism, democracy, society, political process, power, elite, political parties

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